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Amy Wicker

I wanted to get back into my athletic shape from my early years, and required a coach/trainer to hold me accountable, and help me with diet made for my needs.

Finding Sean, and LAND OF FITNESS, not only met my goals, but took me all the way to the winner circle in NPC bikini competitions. Something I never would have achieved without him.

The very best win I could ever get was looking in the mirror, seeing I was in the best shape of my entire life.

Amy Wicker
Dr. James Chaffin DDS

Dr. James Chaffin

Just wanted to drop a reference for Sean Land as a personal trainer.
First, 8 years ago I had two back surgeries completed and was in pretty bad shape. As a dentist my work is my hack and I at that time thought my career was over. My neurosurgeon helped me track down a trainer and Sean was highly recommended. I initiated contact it was a easy set up. He had a consult with me and instantly knew where my weakness were and arranged a diet plan and a workout plan to execute. Seemed overwhelming at first but he was very supportive to me and helped me keep motivated.

To make a long story short, when I met him I couldn’t run, my core was weak due to surgery and my body fat was higher than expected for my height due to my inability to workout for two years.

After training for six months, I lost a ton of weight, he indirectly used my own body as the workout to strengthen me so as not to put pressure on my spine. Ultimately it’s been eight years and now I am 42 and quite frankly am in the best shape of my life. Even rockin a six pack still. Lol.

Even thought I have moved a year ago away from his location to train, he still checks on me to make sure I am still motivated. That’s how much he cares.

My neurosurgeon on last check up is blown away by the consistent results and he says I am the poster boy for full recovery. To be honest working thought the pain in rehab with Sean was tiring but he held my hand for six months until I had a full recovery and was strong. Couldn’t have done it without him.

Today I still practice dentistry and he has changed my life in a major positive way. I still train everyday and use his methods that he taught me.
Thanks Sean, you the man!

Julie Demastrie

I rang in 2019 on a sour note and it continued to get worse. After seeking help, I was prescribed medication that made me gain weight rapidly and I had another meltdown. During this time, I kept seeing my girlfriend Amy Nicole posting workout pics with her trainer, Sean Land, and I was finally inspired to take action. I asked Amy for Sean’s number and reached out to him, which one of the best choices I made this year. Not only has working out with Sean helped with my physical health, it has also helped my mental health tremendously. I look forward to my workouts because Sean keeps me motivated and he is easy to talk to. He pushes me further than if I were to do my own routine, and the results speak for themselves.

I’ve included a 12-week progression photo as well as photos of my continued success with Sean’s help.

Julie Demastrie

Sophy Phoeung

Sean was one of my first friends I met when I moved to Scottsdale , Arizona. I had always been into exercise with weights and Spin but Sean was the first to suggest I look into fitness competitions. He said I had amazing potential to do great things in the fitness world . In 2016, After training and dieting for a couple years I competed in the NPC Nationals in Pittsburgh and won my IFBB pro card in the Figure division. Without Sean’s initial recognition of my potential I would have never even thought I could accomplish something so great. Recently, I have been interested in perfecting my physique in areas that were difficult for me to develop while dieting and training for National competition. I have worked with numerous coaches throughout my career and very few can match Sean’s knowledge and creativity in the gym, especially when it comes to glute training. With Sean’s help I have been able to bring my glutes to a level I never thought possible. Sean’s supreme training knowledge is just as valuable to me as our beautiful friendship over the last decade.